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Ah, the “About us” information. The short story is that we’re David and Brenda. Enchanted with history and the natural world around us. Preferred lifestyle is living aboard and traveling with our historic schooner. Preferred scene is a peaceful anchorage in the middle of nowhere–with high speed Internet access via a convenient hill-top tower nearby. Lovers of technology, entrepreneurship, and strong communities. Causes you’ll find us advocating for? Open space, historic preservation, public use of the waterways, civic responsibility, and stewardship of America’s waterfronts.

We’ve written a couple “about us” pages that I’ll link to here. The first link is from our Startup Anywhere site. You can also friend or follow us on Facebook here.

About our life cruising? I recently posted this on Quora about us.

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  1. David and Brenda, This is Harry we met when you first arrived in Ketchikan, I was rewireing my Camper Nicholson 32. There is a 4 page article about the Madee in the book, Good Boats, Taylor, 1977, International Marine. If You do not have this article and can not find one, I could send you mine. My boat is in Wrangell and I’m home up north and hope to run into You out there. Thanks Harry

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