The Bootstrap Adventure

So the latest black hole that all my time seems to be going into? Ah, well it started as something different–and the something different is still in the works: a website that combines several of my personal loves: schooners, the ocean, and entrepreneurship. That’s still coming along. Out of the development work popped a nice little bit of software that David and I decided to test out in a different market while we got our “ocean-schooner-entrepreneurship” ducks in a row.

Thus emerged Bootstrap Adventure as a site that would allow us to test the new software and support a community of outdoor adventurers at the same time.  How nice.  Now the devil’s in the details and we seem to be consumed by those for the time being.  I’m excited about our new peer-to-peer multi vendor marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts. Let me tell you more about it:

Our mission is to help adventurers – real or armchair – connect in a community-driven marketplace, Bootstrap Adventure.

If you’re an adventurer, why become part of the Bootstrap Adventure community? We know you have a dream, a goal, a wish, and we believe we can help you make it a reality. We are building a collaborative platform that values the spirit of adventure, under-utilized resources, and the natural environment. Together we can make epic adventures.

There’s a new Facebook Page for Bootstrap Adventure, please “like” the page if you support this new community. The beta version of the peer-to-peer marketplace is live at and provides a marketplace for adventurers to outfit or swap gear, teach & learn outdoor adventure skills, as well as advertise for and find trip partners.  Please become part of our community by signing up and using the marketplace.  P.S.  It’s FREE.

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