Another Beautiful Day on the Water

A good day for outside projects and soaking up the sunshine. Lots of activities on the docks this morning. Normally, it’s quiet at our end of the dock–just neighboring cruisers aboard Chrokeva doing their projects and walking the dogs but not a whole lot of other activities. The liveaboard residents of Pete’s are usually off and away–at work, or doing other things related to their lives here in the area. This morning, industry is all around us as people wash their boats, put away stacks of things that have been sitting on their decks, doing all they can to make their boats more presentable. Some boats are going on the market, others are being primped so that photos may be taken and the boat presented to the management of different area marinas. We’ve heard that a nearby marina owner is walking the docks at Pete’s because he’s received a stack of applications from tenants here.

In any case, there’s a lot more than the typical activity happening right now at Pete’s Harbor. Buttercup, sitting in the parking lot, seems to know that something’s amiss. I’ll post an update on Buttercup’s desires to remain the center of attention at another time. For David and me, Buttercup’s woes are on hold while we focus on getting the insides of Mahdee’s foredeck bulwarks covered in a few more coats of varnish before the cooler fall weather sets in. This was supposed to be my task of the last week–but high winds and chilly days made varnishing a bit too risky an activity. This week is supposed to be wonderfully perfect: not to cold, not too warm, and just the right amount of sunshine here in Redwood City. Onwards.

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