What's NEW?

The Mahdee transom framing is complete! as of April 2007. The final pics are here. If you'd like to read more about it, you can look at the pages here and go to the Mahdee Web Log Category "Projects: Transom" to read about it. more

 Framing Mahdee's original transom was framed with oak. We did not have access to large and thick enough white oak to replace the framing, so instead of gluing up oak, we used purpleheart for the transom framing. The quarterlogs were mostly rotted away. We used African Mahogany (Khaya) for the two quarterlogs The transom frame was built up by John in March and April. more  

The transom looked like it had been repaired at least once before. While some of the framing was in good shape, the butt joints used in the repairs made us decide to replace all the framing. Of course, the rotted quarter logs also needed complete replacement.