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The Mahdee planking work is still underway. If you'd like to read more about it, you can look at the pages linked to on this page or you can go to the Mahdee Web Log Category "Projects: Planking" to read more about it.


Project The original planking was kept on the boat as much as possible to keep the "shape" of the boat while the new frames were being made. The idea was that after the new frames were completed, the planking would be removed and replaced with new. A few times, planking was removed in error or too early, but generally, this approach worked wel to provide support for the frames.

First planking work here

More recent planking work here


Mahdee's original planking was 1.375" douglas fir aka "oregon pine." She was fastened with iron boat nails and appears to have been re-fastened with the same. The initial assessment by the boatyard shipwright was that all of the planking above the waterline was weak and rotted requiring replacement; whereas much of the planking below the waterline appeared to be still in seaworthy condition with limited new planking needed and repairs to the fastening areas needed so the required refastening could be performed. Mahdee's new planking is African Mahogany (Sapele).