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Mahdee came into a boatyard with a large lift capable of lifting her weight. She was then trucked by San Diego Boat Movers to the smaller yard where work will be performed on her for 10 months. First, the spars were removed from Mahdee. As one can see from this series of photographs, a yardworker hangs from a crane while he secures the foremast to be pulled. He will do the same for the mainmast. Below left, the mainmast is removed by the crane. Below, center, it takes several workers to carry the mainmast. Below, right, a worker is pulling the bowsprit forward off the deck using a comealong. The heavy work of getting Mahdee de-rigged took more than a day to complete.

Mahdee is moving to the lift location (far left) and (left) the straps are carefully placed where she has structural bulkheads. Then she can be lifted and moved to a trailer for the short haul to the boat yard. In the photo below (right) one may see that Mahdee has a very shallow draft (6'6").

After securing her (Far Left) she is moved on the streets (Center) to the covered shed (Right) where she will spend 10 months being taken apart and put back together.

Above, her spars make the same trip and are hung on supports near her shed. The total length of her mainmast is 69'.