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The Mahdee was launched in April, 1931. Here we have a photo before the launching.
Now, she's in the water. Of course, she sits very high in the water with no power plant and rigging yet! We have been lucky to obtain copies of photographs and some of the Mahdee's other documents including her specification and plans. Though all of her documents are presently in a museum, the folks at Crocker's Boat yard have been very helpful in providing to us some things they have digital copies of in-house.
Here, we have a photo showing Mahdee after the application of a "clipper bow profile" below the bowsprit. We do not know the date of this photo.
This photo was taken in 1966. Here, though she has lost her wonderful sliding gunter mainsail and sports a Bermudian and much taller mainmast instead. She still has the original boom gallows (and presumed original boom) in this photo. Mahdee was re-named Privateer and carries that name in this picture.
This photo, date unknown, is thought to have been taken in the 1980's since it shows her original name, Mahdee, and she's not yet been painted white again. She was given back her original name when Tom, her previous owner bought her in the early 1980's. Here, in this photo, we see the boom gallows that she still has today and a new boom as well. Tom also removed the clipper bow while he owned her.