Lovely Days of Distractions


Another lovely day today. I’m glad. We have an out-of-town visitor, Martin, staying with us this week and it is very nice that the weather is good for his visit. Yesterday, David and Martin went sailing around and about Blair Island in the Tinker Traveller. They had lots of fun sailing down the Smith Slough and up the Steinberger Slough. Their goal was to get to the entrance of the Corkscrew Slough and return via that winding waterway. However, with very light winds and having a dinner function to attend last evening, they turned around right before making it to the Corkscrew Slough. I was very happy to have someone else besides me go dingy sailing with David.

Today they’re off and wandering along the high ridge between here and the ocean with the goal of seeing redwood trees. While they’re happily distracted with that, I’m doing some work on the computer and my own distraction is that of happily putting the finishing touches on a little sealing project I have for the port side charthouse windows. Tomorrow I have a date with a garden hose to see if I’ve succeeded in sealing the leaks that will begin to cause problems upon the arrival of the winter rains.


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