Smooth Sailing

I enjoy watching the water rush by the boat as the wind fills our sails we just seem to be flying. If I’m in front of the boat, on the foredeck, the waves at the bow are always fun. If in the cockpit, it’s fun to hang over the aft rail and stare at the water whooshing by so quickly.

The Citroën

It’s a given that our neighboring boat owner Steve, who loves all things vintage, would text “is the Citroën in the parking lot yours?” since David and I are the only hardcore old-car and old-boat people here at the marina.  But alas, no! it is not our Citroën.  We’ve enjoyed seeing it in the parking lot though.  The French comp to Buttercup’s Swedish and of similar vintage, I wonder if the two cars gossip at night about the changes over time, unleaded fuels, the EU, and such. The particular Citroën DS was designed in the early 60’s and was built through the mid-70’s whereas Buttercup’s Saab model 99 design was late 60’s and the design built into the late 1980’s though only imported into the USA in the 70’s.

David and Buttercup checking out the French invasion.

The Vintage European Set

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