It’s time to go North.

Link to Gordon Lightfoot’s Restless

I love this song.  For a long time, while living in our home in Washington, DC, when I heard this song I would think about the day that would come that David and I would sail away.  We would take that restless feeling and move on.

Those of us who live on a boat are lucky.  Very lucky. While Gordon Lightfoot sings:

“I can feel that restless yearning of those geese as off they roam
Then trade that for a warm bed and a place I can call home”

We can be thankful that we take our warm bed and the place that we call home with us wherever we go! As we follow the geese, the winds, the currents or just whatever catches our fancy, every anchorage, every harbor, and even the open sea is home.

We’ll be going as soon as my doctor gives me the thumbs up to leave town.  Hopefully in a week or two..or three at most!  Then we’ll spend a few weeks enjoying as many So. Cal anchorages as possible before making our way further North to the San Francisco Bay for the winter.

David is going into high speed doing so many projects as we ready ourselves for the trip North.  Both Buttercup and Wesley have been having their own hissy fits which must be repaired before we leave them.  We don’t know how long it will be before we come back down and pick up a car and drive it North, but we want both to be in good shape before we sail away. In addition to the unexpected car projects, the last things to do to the boat before we set off include building a second counter in the galley to house our second stove (that’s a story for later!) and doing the heavy work of planing the wood needed for the main saloon drop leaf table.  We’ll take the wood with us and David will likely put together the table somewhere “North” but I’m not quite sure where that will be.

We agree with Gordon that indeed–there’s a kind of restless feeling…


There’s a kind of a restless feeling and it pulls me from within
It sets my senses reeling and my wheels begin to spin
In the quietude of winter you can hear the wild geese cry
And I will always love that sound until the day I die
There’s a plain and a simple answer to each and every quest
From every quiet dance who might be a special guest
In a movie made for TV or a late night interview
You might even find them on the Young and the Restless too

Do ya get that restless feelin’ when you hear a whistle blast
Like an echo from the past
Of an old engine flyin’ down a road that’s ironcast

The lake is blue, the sky is gray, the leaves have turned to gold
The wild goose will be on her way, the weather’s much too cold
When the muskie and the old trout too have all gone down to rest
We will be returning to the things that we love best

Do ya get that restless yearning when you think about your dad
And the scrimshaw that he had
Of an old schooner rovin’ ‘neath a sky that’s ironclad

There’s a kind of a restless feeling and it catches you off guard
As we gaze off at the distance through the trees in my back yard
I can feel that restless yearning of those geese as off they roam
Then trade that for a warm bed and a place I can call home

Will ya get that restless yearning when you hear the wicked blast
Of a spectre from the past
Of a cold diesel rollin’ down a road that’s built to last

Still I get that restless feelin’ when I hear a whistle blast
See an image from the past
Of an old schooner flyin’ down a sky that’s overcast

Gimping and Finding Things

Well, I’ve been sort of gimping around noting that it can be very painful to get from point A to point B in the boat whereas walking on land is …a cake walk in comparison. I am still using a cane even on land since I don’t want to limp and have it be a permanent thing though. My 6 week checkup with the surgeon is August 4th so in theory we could be back on our way on August 5th if he gives the thumbs up for it. Since most folks don’t get a go-ahead to get back to work (if their work is physical) for 12 weeks, I am well aware that I’ll still be taking it easy for another 6 weeks though.

I’m teasing David and saying that just gives me an excuse to kick back during our trip up the California Coast! He reminds me that we DO finally have an autopilot installed and working. I suppose this will be a very different passage than last year’s trek North. We won’t have to have one of us glued to the helm hand steering the whole way. That should make a huge difference. Since I can’t imagine me being able to run back and forth from sheets to helm quickly, I can just say I’m glad.

In the boat, David is working on scattered projects. Everything from very visible things like the galley cabinets to totally hidden things like installing a ceiling in the storage area adjacent the engine. He’s also putting sound insulating walls around the engine compartment. Up until now, it’s really been the engine “area” since it hasn’t had all side-walls in place. Afterwards, it will be a compartment!

Since the boat has been David’s domain to make messes and do as he pleases for the past 5 weeks–I can tell you, it is a mess! I can hardly walk for all the things strewn out and about and piled where they don’t belong. Saw dust and dirt and packaging everywhere. His method of doing projects involves emptying all the lockers while getting something needed from them but not putting things away…ever…until I start aggressively yelling about putting things away. Since surgery, I just decided I’d have to go with the flow. But, I must be getting better now because I can’t stand it any longer and I’ve started pushing back. However, I’m so glad that he’s doing the projects like sound proofing the engine compartment that I’ve decided to try and do as much as I can myself.

I thought I’d start with the stateroom. There’s a wall of storage bins and a shelf along the starboard side. That area normally is quite organized. It is important because, besides our important papers box, a first aid box, all my sewing materials, and several plastic boxes of extra tools for David, all my clothes are there. Right now, it is in such a jumble that I can’t find my regular (summer) clothes. I’ve been wearing the same 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts for the past 3 weeks–just washing one then the other…lucky for me my undies are in a bag which I can find! In the once nice-and-organized space, there are rugs, blankets, sweaters, long-johns, wool socks and everything “soft” on top of other stuff and I’ll have to assume that under there somewhere are the remainder of my summer clothes! Today, I’m excavating and re-arranging the area.

Of course, there are 4 huge and strangely shaped pieces of plywood (why???) leaning up against the storage area to add challenge to the task. I think I’ll be able to get them onto the bed and out of the way. I’ll call this my boat-PT for the day!

Never Say Never

Ha! I said that I could never understand how people could sleep on a boat with their bed wet and in the midst of drips. I remember it well. I really could NOT understand this. Well, now I do.

I slept very well, thank you, in a WET bed. I simply laid a series of plastic trash bags on top of the huge wet area in the middle of the bed, put towels on top of that…David and I got in bed and slept soundly after the winds died down last night at 2 am. The wet bed came from me not setting up the plastic correctly in my little hammock (see post about drip here) and the sideways blowing of rain against the chart house wall. I fixed the plastic and all was good. When a new spot began to drip right over my pillow as the winds pushed the water right through some unknown little crack in the chart house wall, without even thinking about it twice, I grabbed a specialized bit of plastic and absorbent cloth from the bathroom (um…better known as a feminine napkin), taped it in place with packing tape, smiled and went to sleep.

So, how could I NOT strip down the bed and simply just decide to lay down and sleep? Well, there was a bit of logic to it. At least in the first three reasons–One, if I stripped the bed I’d have had to find a place to hang up the sheets to dry–there was no such place as I had clothes hanging up drying in all the usual spots. Second, I’d have had to get out the back up “emergency” clean sheets–this was NO emergency. Third reason–all the other beds/places to lay down are crammed full of stuff right now and it would take alot of work and un-organizing things to make it possible for both David and I to sleep anywhere but our bed. And finally, the most important reason of all–I was exhausted.

The mattress is dry; the sheets have been drying all day 🙂 and life is back to normal more or less. Well…there is that funny little bit of absorbent and plastic taped to the beam over my pillow…

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