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Simple. Living. Aboard a Boat from StartupAnywhere on Vimeo.

Being close to nature, living a simple life, enjoying a close-knit community, having the opportunity to travel worldwide with your boat–these are among the reasons to enjoy living aboard a boat. Having an “anywhere” location-independent lifestyle, we really enjoy living aboard.

Recently, here in the Bay area, we have heard a disturbing number of untrue, negative statements–stereotypes–of liveaboards. What is most disturbing is that we’re observing bias in the attitudes of local public policy makers and enforcement agencies. Americans who are choosing to live a simple life aboard are marginalized by the towns and cities they take harbor in.

We decided to put together a little video with a few of our fellow “live aboard” boaters, here in the Bay area, who identify themselves as: cruisers, voyagers, liveaboards and simple living advocates. We think you’ll agree with us–we are ordinary people, just like you, and if you care about the earth, the environment, and having a real community, then, living aboard–and voyaging aboard–a boat is a wonderful thing to do!

The video may be seen on Vimeo here:

Or on YouTube the video is here:


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