Beryl’s Latest Tip

As the Ship’s Cat, you’ve got to stay on top of things and this means inspecting all the rigging whenever possible. When the sailcover is off, make sure and crawl on top of the gaff boom to assure it is in good condition for your next sail.

Ship's Cat Inspecting the Rig

The Privateer Knot Revisited

I just had someone ask me for info on how to make the Privateer Knot so I thought I’d post a photo and drawing as well as a link to the online “Instructable” for the knot. I wrote about the Privateer Knot several years ago on the blog here. The knot was named for Schooner Mahdee — she was known as Schooner Privateer from 1953 until 1983. The story and reference to Mahdee is told in Marino’s 2001 Sailmakers Apprentice which you can get online at Amazon and other places.

Privateer Knot Instructions

Privateer Knot on main boom

Photo Sorting

I’ve mentioned that we took over 10,000 photos while in Alaska in the spring and summer, right? What that means is that we’re just now getting around to sorting through some of those photos. I thought I’d post a few that make us smile.

First, a photo of me in the typical garb of the day — three layers of everything!

Brenda Hattery

Yes, that little tiny speck in the water is Mahdee. We had majestic views like this everywhere we went.

Mahdee Reid

Beryl sits on the chart house roof while we enjoy a comfy day at anchor (this picture taken from the canoe)

Rainy Weather & the Sugar Dock

After the rains a week ago, David and I watched a good bit of debris pass our anchored boat. The logs, trash, and occasional big tree limbs were carried by the swift storm waters in the main flow of the slough and we patted ourselves on the back for anchoring in a widened nook out of the currents. Even so, a couple days after the rains ended the waters turned muddy from runoff far upstream in the Sacramento and the current quickened and brought even more debris.  Continue reading